Treatment Recommendations


MJ Buddy takes data from thousands of patients and presents the information to doctors and research facilities. The Physicians can then take that data and adjust dosage, method of delivery, and strain recommendation to the patients to best suit the medical condition, age, weight, symptoms, and metabolism of each patient.

Tracking Progress


Tracking your medication with MJ Buddy lets patients see the results of changes in their use of medical marijuana by strain, delivery method, quantity, number of doses, dosage per use, and THC to CBD ratios. The MJ Buddy App will push reminders to take your medication and enter your tracking information.

Chemical Testing Results


MJ Buddy works with Laboratories to add testing results to your tracking. Marijuana growers generally want to know everything about their plants and especially the content of the most important medicinal ingredients; the cannabinoids. Now it's possible for anyone to see the quality and makeup of the product you are using while monitoring results.

Our Features

MJ Buddy's goal is to help coordinate scientific studies and patient feedback to ensure the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis compounds for treating medical conditions.


With thousands of Marijuana research as well as Cannabis research documents available, MJ Buddy can provide patients and Doctors with the information needed to make the best medical recommendation based on dosage, method of delivery, and chemical makeup of the products available.

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Medical Journal

Our staff gathers data and feedback to create the best medical Marijuana journal and provide dosage calculators for all methods of delivery. Potency, strain, dosage, the method of delivery, and patient ailment are all presented to doctors and researcher to give better information to the patients.

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Use our Marijuana log book to find Marijuana doctors that are able to treat you. You can also search Marijuana dispensaries that have your preferred strain, dosage, and delivery method. Use our dosage calculators to make sure you are safely taking the medication. Help the medical cannabis industry grow successfully by sharing your successes and failures.

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Our Achievement

With information on thousands of strains, doctors, and dispensaries, we can help all patients get the information they need.









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