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Since 2016, we've led the field of cannabis and marijuana research and clinical trials. Together
with our patient, doctor, and scientific communities, we continue to fund cutting-edge research
and breakthroughs to enhance the lives of suffering patients.

Meet Our

Medical Director

Dr. David Casarett MD MA is a palliative care physician and researcher whose work focuses on improving systems of care for people with serious illnesses. He is a Professor of Medicine at Duke University and the Chief of Palliative Care in Duke Health. Dr. Casarett’s writings have appeared in print and online in Salon, Esquire, Discover, Newsweek, the New York Times, and Wired.

Why Cannabis Research?

By tapping into the hidden healing powers of cannabis, treatments have the potential to cure and improve hundreds of ailments and sub ailments in patients who have found no other viable options to end their pain or discomfort. While outcomes vary from patient to patient, with further research, we can bring more effective treatments to more individuals.

Our Mission

MJ Buddy seeks to help the cannabis industry grow by sharing the successes and failures uncovered by our extensive research and clinical trials. We aim to prevent the suffering by being a trusted gateway for patients searching for treatments and information.

  • Helping Patients Who Don’t Know Where to Start
  • Funding the Best Research
  • Working Together to End Suffering
  • Improving Outcomes through Knowledge
  • Partnering with Leading Researchers

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