How it all works

MJ Buddy uses anonymous data from thousands of patients and presents

the information to doctors and research facilities.


The physicians can then take that data and adjust dosage, method of delivery, and strain, to best suit the condition, age, weight, symptoms, and metabolism of each user.


The MJ Buddy app tracks the use of medical cannabis by chemical profile, delivery method, quantity, number of doses, dosage per use, and THC to CBD ratios, and pushes reminders to help patients track information


MJ Buddy works with laboratories to add testing results to this tracking. Cannabis growers generally want to know everything about their plants and especially the content of the most important medicinal ingredients; the cannabinoids.


It’s now possible for anyone to see the quality and makeup of the product used while monitoring results.


MJ Buddy tracks your ailment, listens to your feedback and suggests a chemical profile as a starting point to your personalized medicine. Find a physician, locate a dispensary that can help, and live your best life.

Cannabis Research

Our cannabis research allows doctors to recommend patients for medical cannabis after diagnosing them with valid medical conditions of the same kind or class listed in the state registry. The compounds in cannabis are used to treat a wide range of medical conditions and research will continue to prove it's efficacy in modern health care.

The MJ Buddy app enables the patients to see which strains (chemical profiles), methods, and doses will work best for them. MJ Buddy guides patients to track their live sessions with cannabis, helping them to refine and improve their treatment. The aim is to provide transparency and visibility to the patients while selecting a doctor and scheduling an appointment for a medical cannabis evaluation.

All these concepts of cannabis are implemented practically in the framework of MJ Buddy for addressing existing major health issues. MJ Buddy offers every person a set of free and on demand services for safeguarding their health and the health of their loved ones.